I’m a writer/researcher and wife, mom, grandma. In 2015, I left my position as Media Director for a Christian ministry and started producing Praying Citizen newsletter to help Christians keep up with the coming election. I hoped to turn fence-sitters and believing Democrats into Trump supporters (and it worked!). In November 207, I stumbled upon some YouTube videos about QAnon and began following in earnest. A few months later, the content of my newsletter with a “decode” of the Q posts became videos for YouTube under my "Lori Colley” channel.

My B.A. in Communications is from Northern Illinois University, and earlier in my career I worked as a writer/producer in marketing, advertising, and also did some playwriting. Hubby Bob is my proofreader and editor. We’ve been married for 32 years. In a past season we owned a horse farm where I taught riding lessons and trained horses.

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